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Service Desk Lite is free ready to use service management software that enables you to manage customer complaint lifecycle from complaint initiation, assignment to closure in a very simple way.

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For service oriented firms it is very essential to timely respond to customer complaints, queries or issues, deliver quick service to build strong customer relationship and win more loyal customers.
Usually lot of paperwork needs to be done to manage customer complaints.


Service Desk Lite is useful for such service firms to systematically track customer complaint so that it never goes, unattended.
Service management is made simpler with Service Desk Lite.
It covers the important stages of Complaint management such as
- Register Complaint.
- Assign Complaint to Service Executive.
- Complaint Closure.

  register complaint
You may receive customer complaints from various sources, such as email, telephone, web etc.
Tracking these complaints enable, you to resolve issues in time, and quickly respond to customers.
Service Desk Lite enables you to record the essential details related to complaint such as the customer contact, the caller details and complaint description.

Recording complaint helps to identify and resolve recurring issues and improve service quality.

  assign complaint to service executive
After complaint is received it is assigned to service executive.
Assigning complaint to service executives ensures every complaint is attended.
It also helps to analyze and promptly allocate complaint to the service personnel.
In Service Desk Lite complaint assignment is quiet simple.
You get the pending list of complaints that are yet to be assigned.

Assigning complaints ensures every complaint is attended.

  complaint closure
This is the last stage in complaint management that enables you to track the status of complaint i.e. solved or pending.
Tracking status enables you to identify the complaints that are open or not resolved and take timely actions.
It also helps you to determine the service performance.
You can track details such as status of complaint, measures/action taken to resolve the issue.

Maintaining closure status enables to determine status of complaint i.e. solved or pending.

other features


The reports give you the complete overview of service performance.
It gives the complete history of complaint and its status.
The data in report can be exported to excel.

backup and restore data
Service Desk Lite has inbuilt backup and restore feature to safeguard your data.


Increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity.
Track each stage of complaint life cycle, from Initiation, assignment to closure.
Quickly and timely respond to Customer query or issues.
Analyze recurring issues and take corrective measures.

It is 3 users application. Ideal for individual.
No registration required simply download, install and start using Service Deck Lite edition.
For product support and multi user buy license edition.



Service desk CRM product information of features and benefits.
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Is this really free?
Yes, ServiceDesk lite is a 100% free product for life.

Do I have to register or share my details to use free edition?
No, you do not have to share personal details or need credit card to use ServiceDesk lite.
Just download, install and get started with the product.

Is this web based application?
No, ServiceDesk Lite is a windows application, hence you do not need internet to access your data.

Where is my data stored?
In case of ServiceDesk Lite the data is stored on your local Pc/Laptop.

How much data I can enter, is there a lock?
No, there is no lock for data in the system.

How many Complaints can I enter in the system?
There is no restriction on numbers of complaints you can create in the system.

How many users can I create in ServiceDesk Lite?
ServiceDesk Lite support 3 users (support executive) only, you would not be able to create additional user.

If you wish to have more users we would recommend you to go for ServiceDesk License edition

Why this is free, what is the catch?
There is no catch here, ServiceDesk lite is free and would be free for life, we would try and add more features in coming version to help individuals and small business to automate their sales processes.

How about ServiceDesk 2015 lite, can I upgrade to 2016?
As a special case we are allowing users to upgrade from ServiceDesk Lite 2015 to ServiceDesk Lite 2016

Please follow the process as mentioned below:
- Take the backup of your data in ServiceDesk Lite 2015 (.bup file)
- Install ServiceDesk Lite 2016
- Restore the backup of ServiceDesk Lite 2015 (your full data would be restored)
- And you are good to use ServiceDesk Lite 2016 free for life

How about support?
Yes, we do provide email support incase if you need any help in installing, using the application or for uninstalling the application

Kindly mail us at and we would be happy to help you.

Can I upgrade to license edition for more feature or more users?
No, lite is a free edition hence data from lite cannot be migrated to license edition.

Can I take backup of data?
Yes, you can take a backup of the data as per your need and restore the same if needed.

We would also recommend you to maintain the local copy of setup/installer current version of ServiceDesk Lite, in case if you wish to install the application again in case of pc/laptop format.

Kindly note new version of ServiceDesk Lite would not support old ServiceDesk Lite backup.

Is there a paid or license edition of ServiceDesk?
Yes, ServiceDesk has various edition like Standard, Enterprise and custom.

We would recommend you to try ServiceDesk Standard edition which has features like Multi user, Customer Complaint management, Smart report tool, Public Cloud Support, private cloud support & more.

You can download the free trial version, incase if you wish to try. ServiceDesk Standard Edition

Q. How to Uninstall ServiceDesk Lite?
1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.

2. Select ServiceDesk Lite, and then click Uninstall. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.


hardware requirement
- CPU: 2 GHz+
- RAM: 512 MB (minimum)
- Disk Space: 100 MB (minimum)
- Screen Resolutions: 1024*768

- OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
- Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 download now

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